The Highlands

Welcome to The Highlands

Eclectic, progressive urban community close to the heart of Louisville

For many years, The Highlands—one of the most popular communities in Louisville—has been nailing the trifecta of what makes a neighborhood great: excellent schools, world-class amenities, and eclectic homes.

Its location, however, might be its most significant selling point. It’s less than 10 minutes from downtown, fewer than 15 minutes from Louisville International Airport, and near some of the city's top restaurants and bars.

Home styles in The Highlands are the definition of charming. Classic turn-of-the-century Victorian homes and craftier designs that sprouted a few years later dominate the neighborhood streets. Entry points for a well-maintained home are not astronomical, but anticipate paying a little extra for those that have been painstakingly restored.  

It often proves an excellent investment, however, as appreciation continues to soar in this part of town.

What to Love

  • Great location close to bars, dining, and nightlife in downtown Louisville
  • Gorgeous neighborhoods, with mature trees and large lawns
  • Vintage Victorian housing
  • The nearly 400-acre Cherokee Park at your doorstep


Although much of The Highlands is largely residential and parkland, one need not venture too far to find something to eat or drink Bardstown Road runs the full length of the whole community, from the Upper Highlands until it connects into Baxter Avenue alongside The Highlands’ original collection of houses. This stretch of road features some of Louisville's top establishments.

Highlights here include Jack Fry's storied upscale southern comfort food and cocktails. A few doors down is the Holy Grale, an old-school pub that grabs its name from the church that once stood where the bar now does.

Several great pizza places reside on Bardstown Road, including BoomBozz Pizza and Tap House, Impellizzeri's Pizzeria, and Wicks Pizza.

Things to Do

Owing to its well-earned reputation as the place to live in Louisville, The Highlands is a trendy spot for events big and small. The annual St. Patrick's Parade rolls down the Baxter and Bardstown corridor every March.

The neighborhood's Mid City Mall is less a mall and more entertainment space featuring a movie theater, comedy club, library, and several restaurants.

One of the biggest draws for residents is the proximity to the 389-acre Cherokee Park. The expansive green space includes a 2.4-mile loop, a golf course, a multitude of sports parks, numerous water features, and the famous Big Rock.

When heading further down Bardstown, you’ll come across some unique finds. One example is Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs, which sells its wares out of an 1890s-era firehouse on the National Register of Historic Places.

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